ARC Review: Idriel’s Children

Thank you to the author for providing me with an advanced copy of this novel! This is in no way shown in my review.

Idriel's Children (Odriel's Heirs): Chow, Hayley Reese: 9798508644277: Books

Genres: fantasy and adventure
Release date: July 20th, 2021 (today!)
Series: Book 2 in Odriel’s Heirs series made of standalones (there’s also a novella)

Reaping darkness, the Shadow slicked steel with judgment and danced with death…

Sixteen-year-old Aza inherited the power of shadow to rid the land of evil as Odriel’s cold-blooded assassin. With her growing strength, Aza discovers the Shadow Plane—a realm of wraiths where screams haunt the winds, calling to her. Although her father forbids her from entering the dark realm, Aza can’t ignore the beckoning whispers.

When a dangerous new breed of monster attacks, Aza believes the Shadow Plane holds the answers they need to defeat them. With the unwanted help of a snarky cat and a cursed beast, Aza seeks out the monastic Wraith-Called for answers. But the deeper Aza delves into the dark realm, the further she drifts from the world she knows.

As Aza uncovers evils new and old, she must decide if the ends really do justify the means… and how many lives she’s willing to pay. 


Idriel’s Children took off immediately with action and high-stakes that continued the whole book! I think that fans of shows/books like Shadow and Bone will enjoy this novel! I definitely recommend it!

The writing style was great! It fit the story perfectly, nothing too fancy, and Chow’s writing was especially breath-taking during action scenes. It was like I was watching a movie!

Aza was a fabulous main character with a strong voice and a fierce and kind heart. Her perspective was so well done!

The side characters were all great and likeable, each playing their part! They were all working so well together to fight off the beasts of their world.

The plot was strong, without a dull moment! There were plenty of side plots that were also very engaging. I would have liked a bit more explanation but I haven’t read book 1 yet! The worldbuilding was solid and the Shadow Plane was fascinating! There also could have been a little more explanation of the world in the beginning.


4/5 stars! I will definitely be reading more books by Chow!

I will definitely be recommending this! It’s highly underrated! I especially recommend it to Julie @ One Book More!

Until the next book!

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