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The Disappoinments Book Tag

Welcome to another book tag! I came up with an idea for a book tag the other day! (Let me know if you have seen this tag before and I did not come up with it)

The rules:

  • Tag at least 3 people!
  • Do each of the prompts unless you have never read that type of disappointment
  • For some of the prompts, you can twist them into what fits your book. For example: Sequels where the characters change in a bad way could change to Good story, bad characters or Good characters, the rest was mneh
  • Have fun!! (I sound like a parent wow)

A disappointing debut:

This is an incredibly complicated topic. I’ve read some ground-shaking debuts such as Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard and Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi! But I have had one disappointment. I know that you can’t expect perfection from a debut novelist but my low expectations have gone AWOL.

A Song of Wraiths and Ruin by Rosanne A Brown A Song of Wraiths and Ruin (9780062891495): Brown, Roseanne A.:  Books

A Song of Wraiths and Ruin was very good, but it still had a few flaws. You can find my full review <a href=”″>here!</a&gt;

An author with a novel you love, and a novel you dislike:

I read These Shallow Graves by Jennifer Donnelly, and it is one of my favorite it books! I also read Lost in a Book, and it was very good. (<a href=”″>These Shallow Graves review</a>)

I am currently reading Poisoned, and it’s not my favorite. I’m patiently waiting for the character arc. I’m semi enjoying it, but the characters and book falls into a lot of tropes and there are just some elements I don’t love. But- my heart beat x20 faster at the These Shallow Graves reference. Poisoned (9781338268492): Donnelly, Jennifer: Books
I love this cover so much!!! ❤

A disappointing sequel:

This was a no brainer for me. I loved the first two books in The Red Blazer Girls series by Michael D. Beil but the 3rd book, The Mistaken Masterpiece, was not it. No. The reasons I gave it 2.75 stars

One: It was set in New York City and I learned a little about the city.

Two: I was waiting for the romance. I did not get romance but I applaud Biel for at least making me care about the romance.

You can find my full review <a href=”″>here.</a&gt;

There are two more disappointing sequels, the third Mysterious Benedict Society book, Prisoners Dilemma, and the fourth MBS book, Riddle of Ages. No. Riddle of Ages was a lot worse. The characters were not good, especially a new character. I thought there were some really good creative spy elements in both, but they just were not half as good as the previous two.

The Mistaken Masterpiece (The Red Blazer Girls Series #3) by Michael D.  Beil, Paperback | Barnes & Noble®

Great idea, poor execution:

There have been book with AMAZING concepts, but the idea wasn’t carried out well.

My choice is The Giver by Louis Lowry. This hurt me a lot. I was so excited for this book. I thought is was going to be PERFECT. It had been constantly recommended to me and I love the idea of the story. But The Giver was not for me. <a href=”″>Here is why I didn’t like it.</a>

The Giver (Graphic Novel) by Lois Lowry, P. Craig Russell, Paperback |  Barnes & Noble®

Sequels where the characters change in a bad way:

I loved all of Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi and I adored Children of Virtue and Vengeance- for the most part. I LOVE the characters in Legacy of Orisha, they are some of my favorites, but a few of the characters just went in ways I did not expect or want them to go. Not all of them, but a two of them. Maybe there is more that will be revealed in book 3, but I do not know. I just felt like Amari changed from someone I adore to someone I think could use the help of her friends for more reasons other than saving the world. My full review is <a href=”″>here</a>(That review needs an upgrade but for now it will do)

I hope you enjoyed this! I had a lot of fun coming with ideas for this tag!

I’m tagging Mash @Mashlovesbooks, Katie @Whispering Pages, Em @Tea for Teens, and Jenna @Embers of Eleanor!


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